Kerb appeal. It Matters. Help maximise your profit on a property sale.

Kerb appeal, or the attractiveness of a property from the street, is important for several reasons. Here are five reasons why kerb appeal matters:

  1. First impressions: The exterior of a property is the first thing that people see when they approach it. If the property looks attractive and well-maintained from the outside, it will create a positive first impression, which can influence how people perceive the property overall. Great if you are thinking of sellingl the property.
  2. Property value: A property with good kerb appeal is likely to be more valuable than one that doesn’t look as attractive. This is because people are willing to pay more for a property that looks good from the outside, as it suggests that the property has been well cared for and is likely to be in good condition. Helping to maximise your profit potential.
  3. Increased interest: If a property has good kerb appeal, it is likely to attract more interest from potential buyers or renters. This can help to speed up the sale or rental process, as people are more likely to want to see more of the property if they like what they see from the outside.
  4. Sense of pride: If you are the owner of a property with good kerb appeal, it can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction. You are likely to feel good about the way your property looks and the positive impression it creates in the neighbourhood.
  5. Neighbourhood appeal: Good kerb appeal can also benefit the neighbourhood as a whole. If there are several properties with good kerb appeal in an area, it can create a sense of pride and community spirit, which can be beneficial for everyone who lives there.

A Cleaner Exterior Ltd have many years experience with cleaning properties in a multitude of methods in a multitude of ways.

  1. Roof cleaning: There seems to have been an increase in the number of surveyors who pick up on a dirty or moss covered roof.
  2. Gutter cleaning: Make sure the gutters have been cleared out of any debris and the down pipes are clear. Gutters are designed to direct the water away from the walls and footings thus reducing potential damp issues.
  3. Fascia board cleaning: Often forgotten about but clean the external gutter line including the facia and soffit boards.
  4. Window cleaning: Who doesn’t like clean windows.
  5. Stonework and walls: Steam clean your stone window ledges, coins and bands around the house.
  6. Paths and drives: Clean your footfall areas and parking areas. The visual impact could be stunning.
  7. Garden areas: Decking and patio areas should look inviting, clean and feel happy.

All of these things can be carried out by the homeowner or by calling your chosen professional who will have the skill set and equipment to help maximise your profit. And if you choose to stay, enjoy your freshly cleaned surroundings.

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