Super Heated
Steam Cleaning

Super Heated Steam Cleaning in Trowbridge, Bath, Chippenham, Swindon


Advanced stone and masonry cleaning system for historic building conservation and restoration.

Superheated steam cleaning is one of the best methods to clean exterior masonry. Low pressure combined with temperatures up to 150 degrees gently removes and kills algae , moss , lichen and other biological matter without the use of harsh chemicals.

This process can also be used to remove paint from Stone and brick work . With help from a paint softener / stripper, the top temperatures essentially melt the paint whilst leaving the substrate intact.

Why you should choose super heated steam cleaning ?

  1.  Low pressure
  2. Kills organic spores without use of chemical
  3. Uses less water than cold water pressure washers
  4. Can remove paint / graffiti
  5.  Excellent aid for oil or grease staining

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