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Does you need a company for render cleaning in Bath? We can professionally clean your render.

When it comes to render cleaning you want to make sure that it’s done the correct way to protect and preserve your render. This is why the majority of render that we clean at A Cleaner Exterior is carried out using the “Soft Washing” and steam cleaning technique. Using this method products amazing results… you’re sure to be impressed. These techniques are used to remove algae, lichen, fungi, moss, mold and atmospheric pollution’s to restore the exterior surfaces of your home or business to their original condition.

Our soft-washing and steam cleaning techniques mean that we don’t use high pressure washing and harsh chemical which in some cases can cause damage to your render. Also by using the soft-washing technique  we can work from the ground level meaning we can keep the costs of render cleaning low because we don’t have to hire high level access platforms or scaffolding.

Professional render cleaning solutions.

When it comes to render cleaning we can clean any type of render and you’ll be impressed by how much like new it looks.

We’re proud of the render cleaning work we do so if you’d like to see some of previous works then make sure you check out our Facebook and Instagram page.

How to remove algae from render and decorative finishes.

We have found threw 17 years experience, the very best way to clean colour through renders such as K-Rend, Parex, Monocouche and Weber is to first apply a biocide.

This will get to the root cause of the problem and kill any organics. Then we remove any remaining residual staining using super heated steam over (100 °C). These machines run at very low pressure and only use between 5 -7 litres of water a minute.

Smaller jobs where the condition of the render is not too bad can be completed using telescopic equipment safely from the ground. Larger buildings or difficult to access elevations we can use MEWP’S or scaffolding.

Free quotations for all render cleaning services in Bath.

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