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Have your roof look like new again with our roof cleaning services.

A roofs constant exposure to the elements leads to tile deterioration, mortar falling and unsightly moss, algae and lichens which when established often leads to expensive repairs or a complete replacement of your roof.

Expert in roof cleaning in Andover.

The first step of this process will be for us to carry out a full survey and risk assessment of the roof so that we can establish the type of tile you have and which organic growths are present, we can then determine whether the most suitable course of action will be to pressure wash or soft wash the roof.

Free quotations for all roof cleaning services.

Any other repairs and remedial work will be reported and can be carried out after the cleaning process is complete.

We’d love to help with cleaning your home so if you’d like a free no obligation quotation for our roof cleaning, simply fill out the contact form below or speak to a friendly team member on 01225 683707.

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