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Have your roof look like new again with our roof cleaning services.

Welcome to A Cleaner Exterior’s Roof Cleaning services in Basingstoke, where we bring you the expertise and dedication cultivated over more than two decades. We understand that a clean and well-maintained roof is not only visually appealing but also essential for the overall structural integrity of your property. With our specialised roof cleaning services, we’re here to ensure that your roof stands strong and beautiful against the test of time.

Our roof cleaning process:

Our extensive experience has honed a meticulous process that marries advanced techniques with eco-friendly solutions. The seasoned team at A Cleaner Exterior comprehends the subtleties of different roofing materials, adapting our approach accordingly. This guarantees a thorough yet gentle cleaning that preserves the roof’s integrity.

We commence with a comprehensive evaluation of your roof’s condition, pinpointing areas afflicted by moss, algae, dirt, and other debris.

Prior to embarking on the cleaning process, we take necessary precautions to safeguard your property’s surroundings and landscaping.

Armed with specialised equipment and environmentally safe cleaning solutions, we eliminate moss, algae, dirt, and unsightly stains from your roof’s surface.

Gentle Techniques:
Adhering to the specific material of your roof, we employ techniques that are both gentle and effective, ensuring no harm comes to your roof during the cleaning process.

Finishing Touches:
Once cleaning is complete, we meticulously wash away all debris and cleaning solutions, leaving your roof rejuvenated and vibrant.

Benefits of roof cleaning.

We breathe new life into your property by eradicating unsightly moss, algae, and stains, restoring your roof’s natural allure. Regular roof cleaning can significantly extend the life of your roof, halting the growth of damaging organisms and minimising the risk of decay.

A meticulously cleaned roof reflects more sunlight, contributing to improved energy efficiency and potentially lower cooling costs during warmer seasons.

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Allow us to restore the condition of your roof, preserving its beauty and integrity for years to come.

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